Gregory Scott Busick was born in Van Nuys, California on September 27, 1952. He grew up in Southern California until the age of thirteen when the family was moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Was educated at St Elisabeth and Our Lady of Malibu elementary schools where he also was an altar boy. He attended St. Francis High School in Mountain View and upon graduation went on to attend De Anza College in Cupertino. 


     Scotty was a natural born athlete growing up which became evident when he started playing little league baseball as soon as permitted by age. Growing up in Southern California he would play and compete in every sport one could think of and excel at all of them as if born to do so. Popular throughout the neighborhood he help build forts, tree houses and was better known for leading the pack than being a follower. He would spend hours on summer days and nights playing wiffle ball with his brother in their make shift back yard baseball stadium which might help explain his excellent athletic skills. An all-star baseball player from little league on he also was an outstanding running back and linebacker in high school.  He liked to play and master the guitar in his down time but if you knew him at all you knew he had very little of that unless he was fast asleep. Just an incredible bundle of energy that was extremely independent, unafraid and curious about anything and everything. He scared to death more than one or two baby sitters who couldn’t quite keep up with him as well as keeping parents, brothers and sister on their toes constantly wondering what he was up to.


    When first meeting Scotty almost without exception everyone took an immediate liking to him although if you crossed him over time you would have been wise to develop eyes in back of your head. Always ready to crack a joke, flash you a smile, lend a hand or give you an opinion on something, good conversation was not something he was ever short on.  An individualistic man one of his more discernable mannerisms was distaste of anyone who wanted to bind or control him through authoritarian measures a trait that seems to have come to him very honestly. He liked to keep things in life simple finding the independence he craved becoming a truck driver at a very young age.  He decided this was a comfortable position for him that would pay the bills but also allow him the solitude he sought in a profession. Starting with bobtails then working his way up to eighteen wheel big rigs with many different and diverse companies he spent the past fifteen years driving his favorite turnaround night time run between the bay

area and Los Angeles.


    He was the father of three daughters, grandfather to two grandsons and godfather to his nephew’s son. One never doubted life revolved around his daughters especially during their softball careers where he took much pride in his girl’s academic and athletic accomplishments each of whom received their college degrees. Talk about a doting grandfather, when his grandsons were born nobody on earth had cooler, nicer, handsomer or better ones than his. He loved to spoil them when he was around and one only had to see the look on his face to notice the great pride he took in spending time with them. If there was anything he would love to tell about more than his daughters and grandsons it was his avid love of NASCAR and his favorite driver Jimmie Johnson. He would at times plan his weekend schedule around races just so he could watch them on television or attend in person.


    Gregory Scott Busick was a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, uncle, godfather, friend, coach, confidant and many other things to many different people. We who he left behind will always remember how he touched each and every one of us. He passed away unexpectedly but peacefully at his home November 22, 2011.  Scotty, you surely will be missed. God Speed my friend.